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Computer Software Guidance


System Engineering:  Provide clear and concise requirements and system design to ensure, capabilities are achieved and workflows are intuitive to users of all levels.  Ability to support Agile and traditional development cycles.

System Integration: Ensuring products function properly within the larger framework to provide seamless integration and added synergy amongst toolsets.

Independent User Focused Test: Testing as the user would use it, providing feedback on issues that would prevent user adoption or full utilization of new capabilities/tools.

Operational Scenario Test Development: Used to simulate real-world requirements that users will face to ensure system accomplishes the mission it was designed for.

User Experience Studies: Develop user personas and conduct structured feedback sessions to identify and capture visual and functional feedback to baseline current and future system improvements.

Technical & User Manual Development: Create and/or Review Administrator and User Manuals for clarity and depth.

System Engineering: Product
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